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Ready to transform your life? I'm here to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Whether it's career advancement, personal growth, or overcoming challenges, my consultation service is tailored to your needs.


Let's start with a free 15-minute consultation where we'll discuss your objectives and determine if coaching is the right step for you.  If you and I are a good fit, next steps and the scheduling process will be discussed so we can get started on your success journey.


Individual Coaching Session

As your coach, I am committed to providing you with the support you need to thrive.  My Individual Coaching Sessions provide accountability and a safe space to learn tools and techniques to enhance your personal and professional life.  


Whether you need help navigating challenges, breaking free from negative patterns, or applying your power of choice, I'm here to help.  Together we'll work towards your goals and overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, so you can start living the life you truly deserve!


Conscious Pursuit Program

Whether you’re looking to break through mental barriers, improve your work-life balance, or simply achieve more in your day-to-day life, my Conscious Pursuit program is here to help.


We will assess your abilities, identify your development goals, and create a personalized plan of action to set you up for success.  Designed to help you set and achieve personal and professional goals, my three-month program provides a structured approach to self-development, with intensive coaching sessions and accountability support.  

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  • So you think you can lead? Well, you may just be right!:  Strategies & Habits for Leadership Development

  • Navigating Change & Challenges:  The Journey to being Empowered to take on anything.  

  • "Get Busy Living" Mindset

  • Take Action & Improve What You Can Control:  Advocacy vs. Lip Service

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